Wings Over Camarillo – 2019

Summer is here and that means a fantastic Airshow is coming to Camarillo!  CAF So Cal is always so happy to be a big part of this great and popular airshow.   This year the Wings Over Camarillo Airshow is on August 17th and 18th.  Gates open at 9am and the show starts at noon both days.  You do not want to miss it!

More info can be found at the official website located here:  Wings Over Camarillo 2019

(Due to the air show all normal museum activities will be suspended until Tuesday)


To get you warmed up, here are some photos of the 2018 show, which was a blast!


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New page added – Aircraft Presentations

Since we have been adding new presentation videos fairly consistently, we decided to add a permanent home for these videos. You can now access them from the top main menu under AIRCRAFT.

Here is the link as well: Aircraft Presentations

And a very special thank you to all volunteers and staff for your hard work in getting this valuable information down on video for all to experience.

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Airshow Schedule

Updated as of July 24, 2019

The following is CAF SoCal Wing’s tentative 2019 Airshow Schedule.

Please note that the schedule and participating aircraft is subject to change.  All events are confirmed unless otherwise noted.

  • July 27-28 Grand Junction Airshow: Pending Confirmations / F8
  • July 27-28 Tri-City Airshow, Pasco, WA:  Pending Confirmations / P51, F6, Zero
  • August 17-18 Wings Over Camarillo:  All Available
  • September 7 Vail Airshow, Colorado: Pending Confirmations / PBJ, P-51
  • September 11-15 Reno Air Races: P51, F6, F8, Zero, PBJ
  • September 21-22 NAS Lemoore Airshow: Confirmed / TBD
  • September 28-29 MCAS Miramar Airshow: Pending Confirmations / TBD
  • September 27-28 Westover: Pending Confirmations / Spitfire
  • September 28-29 Santa Rosa: Pending Confirmations / TBD
  • October 5-6 CCA Mather: F8, F6, P-51, SNJ 290
  • October 5 Prescott: Spitfire
  • October 12-13 Fleet Week: Pending Confirmations TBD
  • October 12-13 Santa Maria: Pending Confirmations / P-51 / Zero / PBJ
  • October 19-20 LA County: Pending Confirmations / TBD
  • October 19-20 Ft. Worth: Pending Confirmations / TBD
  • October 26-27 CAF Dallas: Pending Confirmations / PBJ, F8, F6
  • November 2-3 SBD Airfest: Pending Confirmations / TBDTBD
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California Capital Airshow

We are pleased to once again participate in the California Capital Airshow, on this the 100th Anniversary of Mather Airport.

With a spectacular fireworks display and the USAF Thunderbirds performing, the show promises to surpass its own high standards achieved over the years.

CAF SoCal warbirds, the AT-6 SNJ “290”, P51 D “ManO’War” and B25/PBJ “SemperFi” will be on display at the airshow.

Visitors can tour the interior of the PBJ bomber, talk with our crew and book rides on the SNJ and the P51 on show days.

As always, flight slots are limited and we encourage those interested to book their flights for the show ahead of time.

It’s an experience you won’t soon forget!


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Minden Airshow

The US Navy Blue Angels may think they’re the featured event at the Minden-Tahoe Airshow in October, but our fans (including our beloved Blue Angels) would agree that the Hellcat and Bearcat tribute to the Blue Angels will be the real highlight of the show!

Additionaly, our P51D Mustang ManO’War will be present for static display.

Those wishing to enhance their airshow experience and get a personal connection to these venerable WWII era warbirds can do so with a flight aboard ManO’War.
If you missed us at the Truckee/Tahoe Airshow, here’s your final opportunity in 2018 to soar over the Sierras aboard the thoroughbred Mustang.
Flight times are limited and pre-booking your flight is highly encouraged.

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Rememberance Paver Brick Program

The Southern California Wing of the Commemorative Air Force invite you to leave a Legacy by purchasing a Commemorative Brick. The bricks will be installed at our entrance by the flag pole leading into the aircraft museum.

The bricks are 4”x8” and made out of red clay with black lettering to include up to 3 lines with up to 18 characters per line.


To place your order, download and print out this form. Return your completed form with payment attached to the museum or mail in to the address indicated.

Or, place your order online directly with the brick engraver by following the LINK HERE.



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CAFSoCal Presentation Series: VMB611 and the PBJ

Living History Presentation Series
VMB-611 & Doolittle PBJ

Saturday, September 1, 2018
CAF SoCal Hangar

Our PBJ, the Marine Corps version of the venerable B-25, is the only flying example in the world today.

On Saturday, September 1st, CAF SoCal is hosting an event focused on the PBJ and Marine Bombing Squadron-611 (VMB-611).

A trio of CAF SoCal guest speakers will walk you through the history of the PBJ and VMB-611, a 23-year long restoration, and the celebration of the Doolittle Raid’s 75th anniversary.  

So mark your calendars to learn about this historic aircraft, its historic return to flight, and its participation in the historic Doolittle 75th anniversary.

Experience living history.



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CAFSoCal Presentation Series: The YAK-3 Fighter

“Avoid combat at lower altitude with Yak fighters lacking an oil cooler intake beneath the nose!”  That directive from Luftwaffe leadership said it all – its fighters were no match for Russia’s newest fighter, the small but lethal Yak-3.
On Saturday, July 22nd at 11AM, CAF SoCal is hosting an event focused on this late addition to the air war over the Eastern Front.

Introduced in the summer of 1944, the Yak-3 was just in time to have a significant role in Operation BAGRATION, the Soviet strategic offensive fought between June 22nd and August 19th.  This operation was a decisive Soviet victory that completely destroyed German Army Group Centre.
The guest speaker is CAF SoCal’s own Steve Barber, Wing leader and Yak-3 pilot.  So mark your calendars to learn about the dominant fighter on the Eastern Front, the Yak-3.
Saturday July 22nd, 11am at the Commemorative Air Force museum at the Camarillo Airport.
Experience living history.
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