PBJ-1J Mitchell Bomber B-25

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Specifications Mitchell Bomber B-25
Manufacturer: North American
Power Plant: Two 126kW (1700hp) Wright R-2600-13 18 cylinder two-row radial engines
Maximum speed: 457km/h (284mph)
Service ceiling: 6460m (21,200ft)
Range: 2454km (1525 miles) with a 1452kg (3200lb) bomb load
Weight: Empty 9208kg (20,300lb);
maximum take-off 18,960kg (41,800lb)
Dimensions: wing span 20.60m (67ft 7in)
Length 16.12m (52ft 11in)
Height: 4.82m (15ft 10in)
Armament: three 12.7mm (0.50in) machine
guns, plus an internal and external bomb/
torpedo load of 1361kg (3000lb)


One day before the 23rd anniversary of our beloved B25-PBJ-1J coming to CAFSoCal on May 16th, 1993, the big bird graced the skies of Ventura county once again.

Read the full report of the inaugural flight HERE.

The PBJ-1J “Mitchell” flew into Camarillo from Midland, Texas in April, 1993.

After inspection, the aircraft was put into our long restoration process, and at the conclusion this “Mitchell” is as brand-new as it was when it came off the assembly line.

The B-25 Mitchell is painted in the colors of a Marine Corps PBJ-1J, named “Semper Fi” with Globe and Anchor painted on the starboard nose.


Ownership History:

Delivered to U.S. Navy as BuNo.35857 Mar. 20, 1945
War Assets Administration, Feb. 28, 1947 for disposal.
Purchased July 7, 1947 by St. Louis Flying Service, Krats Airport, St. Louis, MO.
Purchased January 21, 1948 by Continental Airlines, Stapleton Airport, Denver, CO.
Purchased April 11, 1950 by Oil Field Aviation Corporation, Houston, TX.
Purchased April 21, 1960 by Atlantic Aviation, Wilmington, DE. Purchased April 7, 1961 by Silvia Adamo, H&H Airways.
Purchased August 23, 1961 by Graubart Aviation, Indiana.
Purchased May 2, 1962 by Aero Enterprises.
Purchased September 5, 1962 by Robert Gore, Chicago, IL.
Purchased July 17, 1963 by Appliance Buyers Credit Corp, St. Joseph, MI.
Purchased December 26, 1963 by Air Services, Inc, Addison, TX.
Operated 1966-1969 by Aero Industries, Aero Industries, Addison, TX.
Purchased 1971 by Robert A. Mathews, Jacksonville, NC. Derelict 1972-1979 Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
Purchased 1978 by Tom Reilly, Orlando, FL.
Purchased February 4, 1988 by Craig Tims, Conifer, CO & Roanoke, TX. – – – Aircraft named, “Big Ole Brew ‘n Little Ole You”
Registered June 28, 1988 to the Confederate Air Force, Harlingen, TX.
Transferred September 9, 1991 to American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum, Midland, TX.
Assigned 1993 to Southern California Wing of the CAF, Camarillo, CA 2002: – – – Aircraft named, “Pride of the Yanks”