Fairchild F-24R

The Fairchild Model 24, is a four-seat, single-engine monoplane light transport aircraft that was used by the United States Army Air Corps as the UC-61 and by the Royal Air Force. The Model 24 was itself a development of previous Fairchild models and became a successful civil and military utility aircraft.

Sherman Fairchild withdrew from The Aviation Corporation in 1931, but retained control of the subsidiary Kreider-Reisner Company of Hagerstown, MD, which he renamed Fairchild Aircraft Corporation in 1935. The F-24’s lineage goes back to the 1933 Kreider-Reisner three-seat Model 24C. The four-seat Model 24J was introduced in 1937 and was built with both Ranger and Warner engines. The Ranger-powered variant became the 24K in 1938, and 1939 saw the 24R and 24W variants powered by Ranger and Warner engines, respectively. The Ranger engine was manufactured by the Fairchild Aircraft Corporation.

Specifications Fairchild F-24R Forwarder
Type: Liaison / Communication / Instrument Trainer
Built: 1946 (total of 632)
Carries: 4 people
Engine: 200 h.p. Ranger L-440-3 inverted inline
Wingspan: 36′ 4″
Length: 24’10”
Height: 7’71/2″
Load: 850#
Range: 470 miles
Used in military forces of: USAAF, USN, USMC, USCG,
RAF, RCAF, RAAF, Finland

Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, this beautiful aircraft is now fully restored.