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You can become a part of history by joining us in the Commemorative Air Force – Southern California Wing! You don’t need pilot’s wings, military service, or mechanical ability to join and take part in this important historical service organization. All you need is a love for these magnificent aircraft and what they meant for millions of people during World War II. They meant FREEDOM!

There are currently over 10,950 men and women members of The CAF – in 30 nations, including units in France, England, Australia, Switzerland, and New Zealand.

The only requirement for membership in The CAF is a sincere interest in the preservation of WWII aircraft and a minimum age of 18. There is also a Cadet Program for young men and women aged 13 through 17.

When you join, you become a Colonel in The CAF and receive the monthly CAF color magazine “Dispatch”. Your next step is to join as a member of the CAF Southern California Wing. You are then entitled to participate fully in the restoration work and all other activities of the Wing. You will also receive the Wing’s newsletter, “Flight Line”.

You also become a part of a cadre of men and women who think, as you do, that, in the words of Winston Churchill, “Never in the history of human conflict have so many owed so much to so few” (speaking, of course, of the brave pilots of the RAF who were primarily instrumental in turning back the German Luftwaffe in the famous Battle of Britain). You will find a tremendous amount of pride in what we do. It can’t help but rub off.

The annual dues are:

Annual Dues – Colonel (CAF HQ)……….$225.00
Annual Dues (So.Cal.Wing).. $50.00

*You MUST join HQ to be a part of SoCal Wing

Discounts for Active Military – Colonel (CAF) $125.00 and Cadet Annual Dues $45.00 (for more information click here)


To join the Commemorative Air Force and the CAF Southern California Wing, choose one of the two options below:

Not yet a CAF Colonel?  Join both Commemorative Air Force – Headquarters Membership AND CAF Southern California Wing

Click here to purchase and join both now (not for renewals)


  • $275.00 due now
  • This purchase pays for your Commemorative Air Force Colonel membership at headquarters AND your Southern California Wing membership – all in one shot
  • For more information about becoming a CAF Colonel, you can visit their site by clicking here.

Already a CAF Colonel?  Join CAF Southern California Wing using your current HQ membership

Click here to purchase and join CAFSOCAL.

(**If you are already a member of CAFSOCAL and need to renew your membership, please go here to renew.)


  • $50.00 due now
  • For current CAF Colonels who want to join the CAF Southern California Wing, you can purchase and join CAFSOCAL by choosing this option
  • Have questions about joining the CAF Southern California Wing?  Please use the form below to contact us.


Come on down! We’d love to have you join us!

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    According to the U.S. Treasury Department as described in Section 501 (c)(3) of the
    Internal Revenue Code:

    “Charitable contributions made to the Commemorative Air Force by donors as provided in Section 170 of the Code. Bequests, legacies, devices, transfers or gifts to or for use by the Commemorative Air Force are deductible for federal estate and gift tax purposes under the provisions of Sections 2055, 2106 and 2522 of the Tax Code.”

    This means that your membership fee and any other donations you might make to The CAF are deductible from your federal income tax.