CAF SoCal fighters fly to Planes of Fame Airshow

CAF SoCal fighter planes travel to Chino, CA to participate in the 2016 Planes of Fame Airshow this weekend April 29-May 1



SoCal Wing SNJ 290 Flies Again

SNJ 290flies again



March Airfest Report

as we walked by the crowd a spectator yelled, “Great show guys!” and several of them cheered!



CAF SoCal fighters fly to March Airfest

CAF SoCal fighters travel for the Riverside Airshow this weekend April 16-17



We Want You

Join the CAF SoCal wing! Love vintage aircraft, warbirds and military history? Become a part of a great organization with members sharing in your interest. The CAF SoCal has volunteer positions available ranging from administration duties to tour guides, mechanics and more. Bring your skills or learn new ones and make some new friends along the way. Contact us at members@cafsocal.com or stop by and see us....

Upcoming Events!

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  • PBJ Event
    Hi All – – Our PBJ is almost ready to go.  A few more instruments, a weight and balance, some taxi test, etc.  After these items have been completed we will have our official flight!! Stay tuned for up dates  
    Come see a presentation by Tom Cleaver on the Battle of the Philippine Sea followed by a walk through and flight demonstration of the Grumman F6F Hellcat
  • Man’O’War Rides at the Chino Airshow
    Take a ride in our P51 and fly over the impressive lineup of warbirds at the Planes of Fame Airshow in Chino, CA - All at a discounted price!

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