Two fifteen thousand sq. ft. hangars and a new (2016)  32,800 sq. ft. hangar complex serve as a Museum Hangar and a Maintenance and Restoration Hangar.


The Museum Hangar contains some of the many artifacts that are currently on display as well as a gift shop. It also houses any of the aircraft that are not away on a mission or undergoing maintenance.  For safety reasons the maintenance hangar is not available for a walk-through, however visitors can observe any work in progress from behind a safety perimeter.

The hangars are also available for rental and are often engaged for events requiring a large space or a warbird themed setting. For details visit our hangar events page.

Consistent with our wing’s dedication to the maintenance of our historic warbird collection, we are constantly striving to improve our facilities.

One key element of the expansion plan is a CAF wing 30-year leasing agreement with the Department of Airports. It insures the aviation museum complex will remain at Camarillo Airport for years to come.

Final signatures on that new land agreement occurred in January, at the Wing when CAF National President Stephan C. Brown, flew in from Dallas, to join SoCal Wing Leader Ron Missildine, Executive Officer Stephen Barber, Sr., and Director of Airports Todd McNamee and his team.

The agreement also involves a lease-land swap with Camarillo Chapter 723 of the Experimental Aircraft Association. It wanted to give up its land, old office building and hangars next door to the CAF. In the exchange, the E.A.A. gets new offices, a new hangar and is leasing facilities in the new CAF Complex. The old E.A.A. buildings were torn down and foundations removed.

“It was a win-win situation for the two non-profit aviation groups, the county and city,” said CAF SoCal Wing Executive Officer Stephen Barber, Sr.

Barber also thanked the wing’s generous donors, volunteers who helped with their time, and money, also the design and constructions teams led by Camarillo-based Construction Manager Walt Calhoon of Waltom Construction, Inc. and Architect Alex Semchenko of ADS Group Architecture in Ventura.

The new Hangar complex provides the Wing with much needed space for parking and displaying aircraft and museum historical artifacts.

The next phase of the Wing’s expansion program says Stephen Barber, shifts to fundraising and the eastern side of the Wings airport property.

“We plan to build a brand new state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled indoor two-story aviation museum with all new exhibits, a theater, digital video areas, a restaurant with an outdoor viewing area of the museum and hangar complex and a new gift shop,”  he said.