Comprised of two fifteen thousand sq. ft. hangars and a newer 32,800 sq. ft. hangar  serve as a Museum, Maintenance, and Restoration Hangar.


The Museum Hangar contains some of the many artifacts that are currently on display as well as a gift shop. It also houses some of the aircraft that are not away on a mission or undergoing maintenance.  For safety reasons the maintenance hangar is not available for a walk-through, however visitors can observe any work in progress from behind a yellow safety chain.

The hangars are also available for rental and are often engaged for events requiring a large space or a warbird themed setting. For details visit our hangar events page.

Consistent with our wing’s dedication to the maintenance of our historic warbird collection, we are constantly striving to improve our facilities.

With ample parking for large events, and over 100,000 sq. ft. of open air space, along with the hangars, we can handle very large crowds and visiting aircraft.