Oli Payne / F-35 Presentation, July 06, 2024


Though still a young man, Oil Payne has had a long and fascinating journey through aviation.  Now a Squadron Leader in the Royal Air Force, Oli’s journey has landed him as the UK F-35 Test Lead, managing and supervising UK F-35 test activities at Edwards AFB.  On Saturday July 6th the Commemorative Air Force Southern California Wing at the Camarillo Airport will host Squadron Leader Payne as he chronicles his distinctive adventures in flight, culminating with a few tales of the F-35.  Come hear about RAF Squadron Leader Oli Payne’s captivating ride through aviation to the pinnacle of high performance military aircraft.

Location: CAF Museum in Camarillo from 11am to 2pm, Saturday, July 6th

Suggested donation: $15 per person, Thank You – your support helps us “Keep ’em Flying”