Presentation: ‘Sundown to Eleven’ May 11, 2024

 ‘Sundown to Eleven’ Presentation, May 11, 2024


Independent filmmaker, director, and producer George Retelas was close to his grandfather.  After his grandfather’s passing George found his WWII journal and its contents inspired and launched George on a journey to connect with his grandfather’s wartime comrades.  On Saturday May 11th the Commemorative Air Force Southern California Wing at the Camarillo Airport will host George as he gives us a behind the scenes look at the making of his reflective documentaries, splicing together pieces of his film “Eleven,” a story about Hellcat-equipped Air Group 11 told by eleven surviving Air Group 11 veterans, and his current project that includes the heartbreaking yet heartwarming story of a daughter and a teddy bear.  Come hear George’s fascinating journey to connect to those involved in a titanic struggle 80 years ago and the closure he helped uncover for the family of a fallen warrior.

11am to 2pm at the museum – $15.00 per person donation requested.

Thank you for your ongoing support to help “Keep ’em flying”


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Presentation: Zero First Flight – April 27, 2024 11am

*New Date* First Flight / Zero Presentation, April 27, 2024

April 1st, 1939, Kagamigahara Air Base outside Nagoya, Japan, the first Mitsubishi A6M1 prototype takes to the air with test pilot Katsuzo Shima at the controls. The test flight goes well, with only a slight tendency to vibrate noted, corrected by changing from a two-bladed variable-pitch propeller to a three-bladed constant speed Hamilton-Standard propeller license built under agreement with the US company. Mid-1943, the Solomons, enter the US P-38 Lightning and the Vought F4U Corsair, and things start going south. In between, the Zero rules!

On Saturday April 27th the Commemorative Air Force Southern California Wing at the Camarillo Airport will conduct a presentation remembering the 85th anniversary of that first flight of the Zero. Come hear about the legendary start and subsequent painful ending of the iconic Imperial Japanese Navy’s A6M Type 00 fighter.

11AM to 2PM Saturday April 27, 2024 – Suggested donation of $15 per person, your support helps “Keep ’em flying!”

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Presentation: The U2 Spy Pilot, March 16

Spy Pilot / U-2 Presentation, March 16, 2024

Thank you for coming out to see our recent presentation.

The son of famed U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers presents the facts and dispels misinformation about the Cold War espionage program that turned his father into a Cold War icon, having been shot down in a U-2 spy plane over the Soviet Union in May 1960. On his return to the United States, Powers was exonerated of any wrongdoing while imprisoned in Russia, yet a cloud of controversy lingered until his untimely death in 1977. On Saturday March 16th the Commemorative Air Force Southern California Wing at the Camarillo Airport is hosting the son, Francis Gary Powers Jr., who has written a new account of Powers’ life, delving into old audio tapes, letters his father wrote and received while imprisoned in the Soviet Union, the transcript of his father’s debriefing by the CIA, other recently declassified documents about the U-2 program, and interviews with the spy pilot’s contemporaries. Come hear about this and the son’s journey to understand his father, pursuing justice and a measure of peace. Almost sixty years after the fact, this is a fascinating piece of Cold War history.

We are working on the video replay, but for now please check out his website at:

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Presentation: Vietnam Stories with Dan Petkunas Video Replay

Video Replay: Vietnam Presentation, February 24, 2024


Over the course of his twenty-four-year military career, Lt Col Dan Petkunas has received three Distinguished Flying Crosses and eighteen Air Medals. He is a veteran F-4 Phantom Weapons Systems officer with over 200 combat missions in Vietnam. On Saturday February 24th the Commemorative Air Force Southern California Wing at the Camarillo Airport hosted Dan for one of his entertaining talks.  In his presentation Dan described the F-4 Phantom and some of his stories from the Vietnam War. He educates and entertains, eliciting audience laughs from his life-threatening situations.  Here is the video replay for your enjoyment:



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Presentation – Charlie Plumb Video Replay

Charlie Plumb Presentation – Video Replay

Vietnam vet, fighter pilot, POW.  Now one of the most sought-after achievement speakers of his time, Charlie Plumb’s presentations are as he is: sincere, straightforward, humorous, and tailored to motivate each specific audience he encounters.  On Saturday December 9th the Commemorative Air Force Southern California Wing at the Camarillo Airport hosted Charlie for one of his riveting talks.  His insights on how to cope with the difficulties as well as the opportunities in life have a positive impact on those who hear his message, those who read his books, and those who come to know him as a friend.  Thank yo for coming out to hear him speak.

Please enjoy the video replay.

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Presentation Video Replay – The Utilities Unsung Heroes

Utilities Presentation, Video Replay


Unsung heroes.  Behind the scenes, unheralded workhorses that played just as pivotal a role in the outcome of World War II as the front-line fighters and bombers.  On Saturday November 4th the Commemorative Air Force Southern California Wing at the Camarillo Airport hosted an event focused on three of these noteworthy toilers, the Fairchild F-24 Argus, the North American L-17 Navion, and the Alon YO-55 Aircoupe.  The presentation covered notable aspects and history of these aircraft, remarkable in their own right, and their impact on the war effort.  

Enjoy the replay here:


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Primary Trainers Presentation, July 22, 2023 Replay

Primary Trainers Presentation, July 22, 2023 – REPLAY


Airpower came into its own as a force of military power in World War II … and proved pivotal. Tens of thousands of young men got their wings and led the charge in what would become an overwhelming force.  How’d the Western Allies do it? On Saturday July 22nd the Commemorative Air Force Southern California Wing at the Camarillo Airport will conducted a presentation about the Primary Training program and the Primary Trainer Aircraft that helped set the foundation for Victory. Here is the replay of that presentation.

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US Attack Aviation Presentation, June 17, 2023 – Video Replay

From the Red Baron to Top Gun … 1916 to the Present sea and air stories by Naval Aviators and Air Force Fighter Pilots, and the men who built their airplanes. On Saturday June 17th the Commemorative Air Force Southern California Wing at the Camarillo Airport hosted PhD and retired USAF Brigadier General RG Head who shared research from his latest book about the differences between Air Force and Navy Light Attack aircraft, pilots, and their unique cultures. Dr. Head’s US Attack Aviation book is available for sale on Amazon. 

Here is the video replay of the presentation.

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V-E Day Presentation May 13, 2023 – Video Replay

Thank you to all who came out to see our presentation: V-E Day on May 13, 2023

This May marks the 78th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day (V-E Day, May 8, 1945), celebrating the formal acceptance of Germany’s surrender in World War II.  Little talked about in the German Luftwaffe are the Messerschmidt ME-108 Taifun personnel transport and liaison aircraft and the Fieseler Fi-156 Storch liaison and covert operations aircraft.  

Here is the video replay:


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