Mark your calendars and plan to attend an event at CAF SoCal facilities commemorating the 80th anniversary of the legendary Spitfire with a presentation on the history and impact of this warbird, the lineage of the CAFSoCal Spitfire mark XIV followed by a “walk-around” tour of the aircraft and a flight demonstration.

The Summer of 1940 was a critical time in the early stages of World War II. Britain stood alone against the German armed forces and Germany had its sight set on the U.K.

Enter this airplane, the Supermarine spitfire. The Spitfire along with its air defense cohort, the Hawker Hurricane, held back the mighty German Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain, which raged  from July to October of 1940.

This year marks the 80th anniversary of the first flight of the Spitfire. One of the most recognized and beloved and iconic aircraft of all time.

Welcome to the commemorative Air Force’s Southern California wing at Camarillo Airport.

On Saturday, October 22 CAF SoCal is hosting an event on  honoring the Spitfire.

Come hear Steve Barber our very own CAFSoCal Hall of Fame member talk about the development of spitfire, the Battle of Britain, and what it’s like to fly this  international treasure.

Ron Fleishman, our Unit Historian will outline the history of CAFSoCal’s own Mark XIV Spitfire, and we’ll conclude the event, weather and maintenance permitting by flying the Spitfire for you.

We’d love to see you on Saturday October 22nd for our Spitfire Event. Come experience living history.