The U.S. Dept. OF The Interior, Bureau of Land Management has received the copyright to the DVD of the documentary “The Sands of War” and has approached CAF SoCal for assistance with publicizing and distributing the documentary.

From the Sands of War website:
“Take a trip back in time to 1942 when 18,000 desert square miles from Pomona, California to Phoenix Arizona were used as a training center for 1 million young Americans. General George Patton saw the desert as ideal training grounds for soldiers engaged in large-scale tank and infantry maneuvers against the Nazi Afrika Korps in the North African desert. Well placed roads and outlines of the eleven camps can be seen from the air, and artifacts from a time gone by on the desert floor. Many of the artifacts were carried away, taking a part of the story with them. When visiting the desert historic sites, please leave all artifacts as you found them, for the enjoyment of those who follow you. To see historical displays about the camps visit The General George S. Patton Memorial Museum located at Chiriaco Summit.”

SandsOfWar Museum Webpage Promo

The documentary will air on KOCE PBS SoCal  as follows:

  • Tuesday, Nov. 10 at 7:30pm,
  • Wednesday, Nov. 11th at 1am, and
  • Saturday, Nov. 14 at 9:30pm.
Sands of War will also be aired in Sacramento, SF Bay Area, and Las Vegas.
View a  30 sec preview to the Sands of War documentary narrated by actor Peter Coyote HERE.
CAF SoCal will serve as a distribution point for the public to obtain a copy of the DVD. Because of our participation and support, this valuable piece of history will be available to the public.