Over the past weekend you may have noticed an extraordinary number of aircraft flying formation in the skies over Ventura County.


What we witnessed was a gathering of warbirds as part of the Mentor-West Fly-in and Veteran’s Salute formation flights over Santa Barbara.


Seventeen aircraft, including seven T34 Mentors, seven CJ-6 Nanchangs, AAF’s B25 “Executive Sweet” as well as CAF’s own F6F Hellcat “Minsi III” and Kevin Moore’s P51-D “Miss Kandy” (based in Zamperini Field, Torrance, CA) took part in fly-bys, formation flights and missing-man formations over the Santa Barbara Veterans Parade on Sunday November 8th.

CAF SoCal is proud to have served as home-base for assembly of these aircraft. Our thanks go to all those who volunteered and participated to put on a spectacular display in honor of our veterans.

The following behind-the-scenes and flying pictures do not entirely capture the magnificent flying and all the hard work that went into organizing a safe and dazzling display.

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