Congratulations to Chris Liguori, our latest Zero pilot.  

Chris Liguori, post Zero flight

Chris was introduced to CAFSoCal a few years ago as a P51 warbird ride participant – a gift from his lovely wife.  

Since then he’s been at the wing, pitching in as time allows and has proven to be a more than capable pilot behind the controls of the F6F Hellcat.

Anxious to add to his repertoire, Chris  just had his first flight behind the stick of a Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero on June 3rd.

Way to go Chris! You’ve joined a small and distinguished group of people on the planet! Can’t imagine what that must feel like.

Following the flight, Chris was met by a proud ground crew and his ceremonial shot of sake!

Chris Liguori receiving his shot of Sake after his first flight on the A6M3 Zero

Great guy that he is, Chris has promised to give us a quick interview comparing what it’s like to fly the Zero vs the Hellcat. We’ll have that up soon.