The B-25/PBJ and the Hellcat participated in the 2017 Memorial Day Weekend activities at the Palm Springs Air Museum.

Our aircraft arrived on Saturday and were on display at the museum for the weekend. The PBJ was made available for rides and took to the sky on multiple warbird ride missions to the delight of all involved.

The Holiday weekend ended with museum’s annual “Flower Drop” where hundreds of red and white carnations were dropped from the bomb bay of the B25 “Pacific Princess”. The red and white flowers against the blue sky was a spectacle to be witnessed in person. The airdrop was followed by a Missing Man Formation which included our PBJ and Hellcat as well as a P63 King Cobra and a P51-D.

Thanks to Scott Plummer or for generously sharing some of the footage for the video.

What a great weekend and a privilege to have been part of the moving ceremonies honoring our veterans. Our sincere gratitude goes to the organizers and volunteers at the PSAM for their tireless efforts in putting on a great show as well as their unmatched hospitality.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Hellcat made a great photo subject on the return trip back to Camarillo, late on Monday.

We look forward to visiting the great folks and museum in Palm Springs again.