As you’ve noticed if you’ve gotten this far, our new and improved CAF SoCal website has gone live!

We’ve put a lot of time and work into getting it to where it is now, but we know that there will be typos we missed and corrections that need to be made. That’s where we’ll need your help. Please let us know if you find anything that needs to be updated.

Please send comments and corrections to

If you can, please let us know where the correction is – the URL of the page in question, or even a screen capture image showing the problem. (If you don’t know how to do a screen capture, ask me, I can show you.)

Known issues that we’re already working on:

  • Top menu displays incorrectly on iPads – seems to work OK on iPhones. If you’ve got a different smartphone, please let us know if it works or not, which phone, which operating system (Windows Mobile? Android? Blackberry?), and which browser (Firefox? Safari? Chrome? Opera?).
  • The spacing on pages needs to be adjusted, particularly with space put in between paragraphs.
  • The connection to PayPal for donations and ride purchases is not working correctly.

Bookmark the website and keep checking back regularly, we plan on keeping the site updated regularly (daily? no less than weekly?). If you have articles (good stories about one of the planes?), photos, or videos that could be added to the site, please contact me or Bill O’Neill.

Paul Willett