Our fighters have returned from last weekend’s March ARB 2016 Airfest and the museum is back to normal operation.

Many thanks to Dan Newcomb for the following report and images from the airshow:

Here are some photos taken last Thursday of the flight to the March AFB air show. It was a very long day. Most of us got to CMA in the morning and started to get the planes ready. The PT-19, Mustang, Bearcat, Hellcat, Spitfire, Zero, L-29 and Charlie’s T-34 were scheduled to go. We had to be at March by 6PM. We launched the PT early and then the rest of the fighters with the exception of the Mustang took off at 4PM. Charlie and I in the T-34 took off first and flew out to the Reagan Library where we would meet up with the boys for some photo work.For most of the flight of about an hour we flew at 160 kts. And a bumpy ride.
Also included are photos from the trainer parade and a few shots of Sunday’s performance. After we finished as we walked by the crowd a spectator yelled, “Great show guys!” and several of them cheered! Kind of makes you proud……..
Luck was on my side yesterday. I flew home in the jet. I was dog tired and glad it only took 30 minutes to get home. The rest of the birds showed up about 15 minutes after we landed. We squared away the planes and put them in the hangars then headed for home. I slept 9 hours last night. Amazing week end! Amazing airplanes. Great show except for the wind. Fantastic crew!