Today the museum was invaded by a platoon of cheerful visitors – three dozen preschool aged kids from CVUSD…


Reports from the frontlines indicate that there were no casualties amongst the docents. Actually, the kids were wonderfully well behaved and managed by their chaperones.  And in case you were wondering, the chocks sure came in handy to keep them still at group photo time…


All the extra fingerprints on the display cabinets were well worth watching the fun these kids were having; and yes, learning too.

Believe it or not, one young man came in wanting to see “The Spitfire”. Obviously a well educated home.  However, the young ladies did object to the term “wingman”. They would rather be called “wing girls”!

In other news…

The fencing in front of the new hangar was removed today!


The place looks nicer everyday!

And here’s a parting shot of how the C46 will look if we are successful with a rain dance….


Don’t miss all the fun at CAF SoCal….

… See you next week.