On Saturday March 26, we were thrilled to have a record number of participants in one day for the wing’s warbird ride program at our Camarillo facilities.

It was a beautiful day for flying and you would have been hard pressed to find anything other than broad grins on our ramp.

The rides started shortly after 10 am and carried on without interruption to late in the afternoon.

A huge word of thanks to our tireless maintenance personnel for making sure the PT19 and the Man’O’War were in excellent flying condition prior to the event, and to our pilots who gave our customers an unforgettable experience with their usual skillful flying and hospitable attitude.

And a special note of praise for our Cadets who managed the entire process and made sure we had a safe and efficient ramp all day long!

Our riders were not all local residents. We had participants come to Camarillo for their special day form as far as San Diego, Reno, Denver and Sheffield, England!

The enthusiasm with which these supporters of our rides program arrived  and their delight following their experience was contagious to us all. We look forward to more days like this and know that some of our new friends will return to experience our other Warbirds.