Usually, the Warbirds ride program at CAF SoCal serves to fulfil the desires of us wanna-be fighter pilots, or provide a high octane thrill to the amateur history buffs amongst us.

That’s all well and good. It helps promote the wing and keep history alive.

However, every once in a while we get the pleasure to witness someone not only experience a thrill of a life time, but to also connect with a special piece of their personal family history. That’s when “keeping history alive” takes on it’s true meaning for us.

Last Saturday we had a P51 ride participant share with us what the experience truly meant for him. Michael got to see what 40 minutes in a P51 feels like, and also got an opportunity to bridge the expanse of time to his father’s time with the Mustangs of the US Air Force.

It may have been his pleasure, but it was our privilege to help Michael, and also us connect with the “Greatest Generation”.

Thanks to Dan Newcomb for sharing the following Email from Michael sent to the wing.

Dear [CAF SoCal],

I wish I had the words to express the thanks for helping me to fulfill one of my dreams. Attached is a picture of my Father shortly after the Army Air Corps became the Air Force and one that my wife took of me on the day of the flight.

Again, thank you all for giving me the memory of a life time.
Michael Frisby


Michael Frisby’s Father ca. 1947


Michael Frisby with Man’O’War 2016