Reno Air Races Report

The B25-PBJ, F8F Bearcat, F6F Hellcat and Mitsubishi AM63 Zero along with the P51 ManO’War of CAF SoCal’s fleet made a successful appearance at the 2018 Air Races.

The performances included flight demonstration, aerobatics by the Bearcat as well as a mock dogfight including the PBJ, Zero and Hellcat.

The Mustang took the place of the Hellcat on the first day of the show.

In addition, spectators had the opportunity to see our aircraft close up in the pits, tour the PBJ, speak with the crew and purchase rides aboard the PBJ and the Mustang.

Countless people at the venue did just that and left with a better appreciation of these historic warplanes, and almost 60 took it one step further and experienced flight aboard the PBJ or the P51, with two lucky individuals doing both!

Sixty rides in four days! This represents a new high bar in our efforts here at this all-volunteer organization.

The races were magnificent as always, and a spectacle to be heard as well as seen.

We look forward to participating in the 2019 edition of the Reno Air Races, and can not emphasize enough the professionalism and courtesy that the organization extended to us as they hosted our participation.

Here are a few images of our aircraft at the Reno Air Races 

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The ride of a lifetime, that took a lifetime to realize!

It is our pleasure to introduce you to Dan Miroballi, 92 years young and with plenty of patience to spare.

As you’ll hear in Dan’s own words in the video below, he is a WWII Air Corps veteran on whom the war ran out on before he got a chance to make his mark aboard a P51.

Some 70+ years later, he finally got that P51 ride, and it is our honor to have provided it for him.


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PBJ Presentation Report

Saturday September 1st was the date for our latest Living History Presentation Series organized and conducted by CAF Col Rob Hertberg.

This installment covered the 23 year restoration of the PBJ, Presented by CAF Col Marc Russell, and the  operational history of VMB611, the unit in who’s honor the PBJ was painted, presented by CAF Col Rob Hertberg. The presentation concluded with a trip report presented by CAF Col Arash Afshari, of the 2017 cross-country tour by the PBJ and her crew shortly after becoming operational to participate in the 75th anniversary of the Doolittle Raiders at the USAF National Museum at Wright Paterson AFB in Ohio. 

The following is a two part YouTube playlist of videos prepared by CAF Col Lon Magdich covering the entire presentation. 

If you’d like to dig deeper into the PBJ’s 2017 mission, follow this link to the trip report from that event, which includes photos, full length videos of the veteran interviews and more.

Don’t miss our next presentation on the Grumman F8 Bearcat, taking place on October 20th.

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Wings Over Camarillo Report

It was “All Hands on Deck” for our annual home airshow last weekend.

Volunteers from CAFSoCal worked countless hours in conjunction with other organizations with Wings Over Camarillo to put on a safe and spectacular display.

Attendance was high, and as usual our warbirds were the focal point of the event. A hard bar to meet considering all the other talented aerobatic acts and vintage airplane groups who were also participating in the airshow.

The weather cooperated, the machinery cooperated and the professionalism of all involved resulted in an absolutely first-class airshow experience.

Congratulations to the lucky few who opted to upgrade their experience with a warbird ride after the show. Color us envious (and proud).

Thanks again to all the volunteers, to numerous to name and too humble to be singled out.

Let’s do it again next year – bigger and better!

Here’s a few images from the show. More images and videos will be appended to this report as they become available.


Video compilation thanks to member Lon Magdich

Following airshow images provided by John Cutright

Following airshow images provided by Frank Mormillo

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Truckee/Tahoe Airshow

ManO’War and the Zero completed a successful mission to the Truckee/Tahoe Airshow 14-15 July, 2018.

Along with the Executive Sweet B25, it is safe to say that the warbirds were the main event at the airshow.

The three aircraft put on a crowd-pleasing demonstration, made all the more special since this was our new Zero pilot, Jon Ingoldsby‘s first performance at an airshow in a fighter.

The weather cooperated and the machinery worked flawlessly thanks to the meticulous maintenance crew. An all-around great outing by the wing.

Many thanks to all who helped plan and support this event, as well as the organizers of the airshow for hosting us.

We look forward to the 2019 show with an even bigger appearance.

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P47 Restoration Status Update

We are all anxious to hear news about our latest restoration project  

Below is a quote from Dick Troy, the P47 crew chief,  with some details as to the status of the project: 

A couple of things are going on with the Bolt. At first glance it may seem to be just occupying space but looks can be deceiving. The team has emptied all the boxes that came with the Bolt and most have been labeled. It has yet to be determined if any of those parts will be useable. The bulk of the work at this juncture will be composed of trying to locate missing parts, locating the log books for the aircraft and attempting to obtain the maintenance and repair paperwork that was generated after the accident.

Additional major components that are missing is the aircraft engine and the propeller hub and related items . These are just a sampling of the parts that are missing. As we all know memories tend to fade over the years and major players expire or move on so the simple issue of contacting anyone with useable knowledge about any of these items is very difficult. I have made some progress in these areas by locating the pilot that was flying the aircraft at the time of the accident. He is in the DFW area and is quite busy but he told me he would help in locating these items and providing whatever helpful information he has but on his terms. All of these issues need to be resolved prior to commencing any meaningful progress toward the restoration. All of these issues are fixable but they are going to take some time to straighten out. Closer to home we are designing a support gantry for the fuselage so it can be raised, lowered or rotated as the need arises so the maintenance crew will not have to work from ladders or lay on their backs to work on the belly. That’s about the extent of what’s going on st this point in time. One thing I have learned about the restoration process is patience, patience and more patience. 

Until next time please stop by the office and we can have some dialogue on our long range plans for the Bolt.

Best to you

R.J. Troy

Crew Chief Rep P-47

Use this link to donate to the P47 restoration project.
Thank you!

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ManO’War Rides in Truckee/Tahoe

We will be participating in the Truckee/Tahoe Airshow the weekend of July 14th.

The Mustang will be available for rides starting on Friday July 13th and after the show for the weekend.

Head over to our rides page and book your flight.

Time slots are limited, so don’t delay or you might miss the opportunity to experience this iconic warbird over the beautiful scenery of the Sierras.

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Father’s Day Warbird Rides

Give Dad a treat he won’t soon forget!

This Fathers Day Weekend, Saturday June 16th and Sunday 17th, we have added additional flight times in the PT19, AT6 Texan/SNJ as well as the P51 Mustang for rides at the CAFSoCal museum.


Book your ride soon as seats are limited 

Head over to our rides page and book dad the experience of a lifetime. Slots are available for each aircraft between 10AM-3PM on Saturday and 12PM-4PM on Sunday. Please note that the ride times are on a first-booked basis and go fast.
You may also call the museum front desk at 805-482-0064 to book your flight and have your questions answered.

New this year, we’re excited to offer our Ace Maker flight package – experience the full range of WWII vintage flying adventure from the open cockpit primary trainer, to the spirited advanced trainer and the premier frontline fighter – all in one day – all in one place. This is a new program created based on feedback from previous ride program participants and offered at a discount over booking each ride separately – due to its novelty and custom features, you must call the front desk to make arrangements for the Ace Maker package. Make dad feel like an Ace! there will be no other better gift.



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Memorial Day at CAF SoCal

In cooperation with the Sabot Group, we had the privilege to give warbird rides to more than two dozen local veterans on Saturday.

With a large number of members in attendance for the event, we took the opportunity (ie ambushed) to get a quick comment on what Memorial Day means to our members.

Here’s a video compilation of about 40 interviews. It runs the gamut from routine, to heartfelt to humorous. 


The museum will be open on
Memorial Day, Monday May 28th.

 We will be open from 10 am to 4 pm.  You will be able to see up close and personal some of the aircraft flown by our servicemen and women in WWII who helped preserve our Freedom.

Who knows, you may even get to see one of our aircraft fly.

Come join us on this solemn day which honors our veterans who have died while serving in the U.S. Military.

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