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Join the CAF SoCal wing! Love vintage aircraft, warbirds and military history? Become a part of a great organization with members sharing in your interest. The CAF SoCal has volunteer positions available ranging from administration duties to tour guides, mechanics and more. Bring your skills or learn new ones and make some new friends along the way.  Contact us at members@cafsocal.com or stop by and see us.

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V J Day

August 15 is the official V-J Day for the UK, while the U.S. commemorates Japan’s surrender on September 2.  August 15th is the day Japan initially announced its agreement with the terms of the Potsdam declaration.   September 2 is the day they signed the surrender document on board the USS Missouri officially ending WWII.   This is another display assembled for our museum by Colonel Charles Carr and his team.  Visit our museum and see this  and other displays assembled by Charlie.

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