Join us at the CAF SoCal hangars on April 15, 2017 and learn about the P51 Mustang, the air superiority fighter of WWII.

On 15 April 1944, the 8th Air Force began Operation Jackpot, attacks on Luftwaffe fighter airfields. Adolf Galland, commander of the Luftwaffe fighter force is quoted to have said that “the day when the Allies took their fighters off the bombers and put them against the German fighters, that is, went from defensive to offensive, Germany lost the air war.”

Join us in the museum hangar to hear a panel discussion on the P51’s historic importance and flight characteristics. The panel will be opened to a question and answer session followed by a walk-around the CAFSoCal’s own P51-D Mustang “Man’OWar” and a flight demonstration (weather and maintenance permitting)

Experience Living History
Saturday, April 15, 2017, 11am-2pm
Commemorative Air Force Hangar
455 Aviation Dr.
Camarillo, CA

2017 P51 Lecture