It was “All Hands on Deck” for our annual home airshow last weekend.

Volunteers from CAFSoCal worked countless hours in conjunction with other organizations with Wings Over Camarillo to put on a safe and spectacular display.

Attendance was high, and as usual our warbirds were the focal point of the event. A hard bar to meet considering all the other talented aerobatic acts and vintage airplane groups who were also participating in the airshow.

The weather cooperated, the machinery cooperated and the professionalism of all involved resulted in an absolutely first-class airshow experience.

Congratulations to the lucky few who opted to upgrade their experience with a warbird ride after the show. Color us envious (and proud).

Thanks again to all the volunteers, to numerous to name and too humble to be singled out.

Let’s do it again next year – bigger and better!

Here’s a few images from the show. More images and videos will be appended to this report as they become available.


Video compilation thanks to member Lon Magdich

Following airshow images provided by John Cutright

Following airshow images provided by Frank Mormillo