Saturday February 27 was a special day for the visitors, volunteers and staff at CAF SoCal as the wing hosted a visit by aviation legends Si Robin, David Price, Bob Hoover and Clay Lacy.

 Si Robin, Clay Lacy and Bob Hoover in front of the PBJ

Si Robin, Clay Lacy and Bob Hoover in front of the PBJ

It was a privilege to meet these icons of aviation history and a moment of great pride for all the staff and volunteers a CAF SoCal to see them show so much interest in our wing.

You could not miss the arrival of Clay Lacy’s beautifully restored and maintained  DC-3  on our ramp with Clay Lacy and our own Randy Sherman at the controls and Si Robin enjoying the luxury of the historic airliner.

We were fortunate to be able to get a few aerial photos of this magnificent DC3 on it’s return trip to Van Nuys.

We look forward to future visits to our wing by these remarkable gentlemen.

The following is an excerpt from a note and a photo by CAF SoCal volunteer Dan Newcomb, which expresses the feelings of all of us at the wing:

“For me it was a big thrill to see Clay Lacey, Si Robin, David Price and Bob Hoover together on our flight line. Four icons. Four legends in aviation. When men like this are interested in what we do at our wing I have to think that we must be doing something right! With the continued support from people like this anything is possible. We keep moving forward. The dream is becoming reality. I’m very proud to be a member of the SoCal Wing.


David Price and Emma McNay – Photo by Dan Newcomb

I was blessed to witness one of life’s sweet and tender moments yesterday and I would like to share that moment with you. As many of you know David has been very generous and supporting of our wing. Also David is the reason one of the finest grade schools in the nation, Oaks Christian, exists. Cadet Emma McNay is a senior at Oaks Christian. Emma had the wonderful chance to personally thank David. She told him that she was a cadet at CAF and that her attendance at Oaks was, for her, life changing. She has a 4.0 GPA and is well on her way to a career in aviation.”