On Tuesday March 1, 2016 we were honored with a visit to the wing by Verne Horton.

Verne is a veteran of WWII fighting in the Philippines with Marine squadron VMB 611 and has been a long time supporter or our PBJ restoration efforts.

Verne Horton and family with PBJ crew

Verne Horton, Deby, John and Marilyn photographed with PBJ restoration crew members Marc Russell (l) and Michael Hohls (R)

Accompanied by daughter, Deby and son, John, Verne was under the impression that he was visiting Camarillo for an easy lunch with the restoration crew on “his dime”. Little did he know that we were ready to give him a taxi ride aboard the PBJ followed by an unexpected bonus ride aboard a PT17 Stearman with Randy Sherman.

Following the thrill ride (his first in a biplane!), this spry and energetic Marine honored us with a quick interview session which is included in the video playlist here.

Video playlist of Verne’s visit