PBJ Presentation Aug 6, 2022

Come out and join us for the next exciting presentation in the series – this time we cover the Marine version of the B-25 Mitchell. This event is on Saturday, August 6th, 2022, at 11am at the museum. A $10 donation is suggested, thank you for your support!

PBJ Mitchell Presentation August 6,

The Tree Top Terror! That’s what Japanese ground forces called Marine
Corps PBJ and Army Air Force B-25 medium bombers as they rampaged at
very low altitudes across the Southwest Pacific from 1943 onward. Given
the leeway by accommodating leadership to test and evaluate different
tactics and armament configurations in the field, that’s just what they
did. Come experience living history as CAF SoCal conducts a presentation
on the varying tactics and armament used by PBJ units as they constantly
adjusted to operational needs and enemy counter-tactics. We’ll also open
our magnificent PBJ-1J, which took 23 years to restore to flying condition,
so you can tour the inside of the aircraft.