Air & Space Article

We thought you’d enjoy reading a current article about Camarillo Airport (CMA) on the current edition of Air & Space Magazine at – The Commemorative Air Force Southern California Wing is featured front and center, and we think that’s great! 

Here is an excerpt:

“Flying into Camarillo, as I do often in my 55-year-old Piper Cherokee, is like touching down at Disneyland—if Disneyland were wholly dedicated to general aviation. It’s not uncommon to find yourself cleared to land behind a restored World War II fighter, a home-built kitplane, a multi-million-dollar executive jet, a Cessna trainer with a young student behind the yoke, or some vaguely confused guy driving a Beech Bonanza who sounds over the radio like he’s never talked to air traffic control in his life.

Any aviation-minded person who questions the existence of nirvana on Earth has never spent a day at Camarillo (CMA).”

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