Below is a description of a visit by a WWII veteran to our museum written by his son-in-law Dan.

On 5/19/2015, Ken Wolfe, a WWII P-38 mechanic stationed at the Van Nuys Airport in 1943 & 1944, visited the WWII Aviation Museum located at the Camarillo Airport with his daughter and son-in-law.  He had a great time and had a very memorable visit. He was treated to a very special tour.  Ken had asked if the museum had a P-38 by chance. The pilot that gave us the tour had mentioned that they didn’t have any P-38’s at the museum any longer but what they did have was an engine that was dug out of the hills behind the Camarillo airport from when a P-38 had crashed in the early 40’s.  Ken mentioned that he remembered that.  The plane had come from the Van Nuys Airport and was doing training runs.  When the crash happened, they were told to jump in the back of a pick-up truck and to grab some shovels.  Ken was part of the crew that drove out to the crash site and extinguished the fire.  It was pretty interesting that one of the visitors, 70 years later, had been part of the crew that attended the crash site. Below are a few pictures from the visit and also one of Ken in 1943 and today with his P-38 hat that he is very proud of.  Ken just celebrated his 93rd birthday and is still going strong.



Thank you Ken for stopping by our museum and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!!