CAFSoCal Cadet Program

The So Cal Wing offers a cadet program which introduces kids and young adults to the CAF. The program is designed to demonstrate the many ways that members young and old can contribute in  to the success of the wing’s mission. The program also provides contact and networking with others who are involved in the many facets of the aviation community. The program takes place on Saturday mornings for kids from 12 to 17 years of age


What is the Cadet Program

  • A learning journey
  • Aviation
  • Aeronautics
  • Engineering
  • Fabrication skills
  • Leadership
  • Aviation history
  • Safety
  • History


CAFSoCal Wing program is an aviation oriented STEM program

What Do Cadets Learn

• Theory of flight
• Fabrication techniques (many are hands on)
• Flight simulator time (some sim time can be logged as official FAA time)
• Leadership
• Dedication
• Teamwork

Meet the CAF So. Cal. Education Team

Kathy Newhard Wing Commander

Rob Mawer Education Officer Instructor Engineering

Richard Hyatt, Program Liaison

Tom Estrada, Instructor/ Leader CFI Aeronautics

Sean Broadhead, Program Liaison Steve Rider, Instructor/ Leader Aeronautics

Steve Lentz Instructor/ Leader

Chris Huard Instructor/ Leader


Call for more information: 805-482-0064


Cadet Requirements

• Minimum of 12 years of age
• Must be a member of National CAF (More information here)
• Must have enthusiasm for aviation


• CAF Membership – $50/year (More information here)
• So. Cal. Wing – $75/year material fee
• Includes So. Cal. Wing Cadet shirt