PBJ-1J Mitchell Bomber B-25

Here is the Southern California Wing’s “Mitchell” bomber flying in formation with the “China Doll”.
Photo by Sam Koskela


The PBJ-1J “Mitchell” flew into Camarillo from Midland, Texas in April, 1993.

After inspection, the aircraft was put into our long restoration process. We are now starting to put the aircraft back together. It will be some time before our PBJ-1J is up and flying, but we’re sure that day will come!

The PBJ-1J restoration team has been working diligently on restoring the aircraft. When finished, this “Mitchell” will be as brand-new as it was when it came off the assembly line.

It is anticipated that it will be painted in the colors of a Marine Corps PBJ-1J, and it’s name will be “Semper Fi.”

Crew Chief:
Col. Marc Russell

Restoration Crew:
Iran Ausley, Ken Barger, Jo & Jack Brinkerhoff, Scott Drosos, Dave Fish, Mike Hohls, Tim Kutzbach, Dan Newcomb, Roger Ostlund, Jerry Royce, George Sands, and Thomas Van Stein.

Specifications Mitchell Bomber B-25

Manufacturer:North American

Powerplant: Two 126kW (1700hp) Wright
R-2600-13 18 cylinder two-row radial engines

maximum speed 457km/h (284mph)
Service ceiling 6460m (21,200ft)
range: 2454km (1525 miles) with a
1452kg (3200lb) bomb load

Weight: empty 9208kg (20,300lb);
Maximum take-off 18,960kg (41,800lb)

Dimensions: wing span 20.60m (67ft 7in)
length 16.12m (52ft 11in)
height 4.82m (15ft 10in)

Armament: three 12.7mm (0.50in) machine
guns, plus an internal and external bomb/
torpedo load of 1361kg (3000lb)