Put another successful airshow in the books for CAF SoCal Wing!

The wing did a fantastic job, even though our A6M3 Zero decided to be a bit temperamental with a misbehaving magneto. Saftey First! The P51, Bearcat, Hellcat and Spitfire more than carried the load and put on a great show piloted as follows:

Jason Somes F8F
Robert Hertberg F6F
Ken Gottschall P51
Steve Mcartney Zero
Steve Barber Spitfire

Many thanks to all our tireless volunteers for helping CAF SoCal notch up another mission accomplished.

Did you know the Hellcat was the first aircraft the Blue Angels flew (for about 6 months) followed by the Bearcat for about 3 years before transitioning to jets? You can bet there was a lot of interest in our warbirds at the airshow!


We are grateful to all our dedicated volunteers and supporters as well as Point Mugu NAS for choosing to include CAF SoCal at part of their wonderful airshow saluting our active duty and veteran military.

See you next year!