CAF Cadet Chris Eubanks in his Imperial Japanese Pilot uniform.

CAF SoCal conducted a commemoration of Pearl Harbor Day on December 5th, 2015.

The event was well attended and consisted of presentations by Ron Fleishman, Robert Hertberg and Ricky Chen on the Pearl Harbor attack and flight characteristics of the A6M3 Zero.

Ron Fleishman speaking on Pearl Harbor Day historical events

Ron Fleishman speaking on Pearl Harbor Day historical events


Robert “Lips” Hertberg describing the flight characteristics of the A6M3 Zero fighter.


CAF Volunteer Ricky Chen speaking about the restoration of the A6M3 Zero aircraft.

Following the presentations, there was a brief walk around of the A6M3 Zero and a flight demonstration by the museum’s Zero and P51 Mustang fighters.

We were honored to have among our visitors Retired Senior Chief Orvin Prellwitz who was stationed at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 as part of VP-11.


Retired Senior Chief Orvin Prellwitz (left)


Too humble to speak or appear on video, Senior Chief Prellwitz was acknowledged by the attendees at the conclusion of the presentations; however, we did manage to get a snippet of audio from our honored guest.


Many thanks to all the attendees and speakers and specially the CAF volunteers who helped behind the scenes to put on this great event for us.

Below are a few video links and photo slides¬†of the day’s activities.

Event Videos:

Presentation Part one – Pearl Harbor historical events – Ron Fleishman

Presentation Part two – Zero flight characteristics – Robert Herberg

Presentation Part three – Zero restoration – Ricky Chen and Q & A

Zero Walk around – Robert Hertberg

Zero roll out and flight

Full video of the warbird ride by CAF SoCal Cadet: