The 2017 edition of Wings Over Camarillo was a great success.

Beautiful Southern California weather and fantastic warbirds. What more could you ask for? And the crowds were proof, that this was as good as it gets!

Thanks to the tireless work of our maintenance crew almost all of our fighters participated in the aerial displays. This included the Zero, with a newly replaced tail cone – so new in fact that there was no time to get it painted. Although, some are lobbying we leave it in natural aluminum to highlight the constant work these warbirds need. The P51 Man’O’War made a triumphant return to the skies as well. With a newly overhauled Merlin engine and propeller she’s sounding sweeter than ever. Last but not least, the PT19 also got a chance to show off its new covering and paint – same as before, just fresh and slick.

And let’s not forget the Hellcat, Bearcat and YAK3. What a show.

Other non-CAFSOCAL aircraft and displays rounded out a fantastic event and we encourage you to visit the official Wings Over Camarillo website for more information about those participants.

Special mention goes to the fantastic ground crew who worked long hours martialing aircraft around, keeping things safe and generally getting things DONE. The show would not have been possible without them.

Below, you’ll find a small section of photos from the airshow. We’ll add more images and videos as they become available.

See you next year!