Updated as of January 7, 2020

The following is CAF SoCal Wing’s tentative 2020 Airshow Schedule.

Please note that the schedule and participating aircraft is subject to change.  All events are confirmed unless otherwise noted.


Mar 12-15 MCAS Yuma Airshow: Confirmed/PBJ, P-51, Zero, F6f, Spit

Mar 13-15 NAF El Centro Airshow: Confirmed/YO-55, PT-19, F-24, L17, SNJ

Mar 20-22 LUKE AFB Airshow: Pending Confirmations/PBJ, P-51, Sero, F6F, SNJ

March 20-22 LA County Airshow:  Pending Confirmations

Mar 26-29 March Field Air Expo:  Confirmed/TBD

May 1-3 Planes of Fame Airshow:  Confirmed/TBD

May 7-11 Beale AFB Airshow: Confirmed/PBJ, Zero, F6F

May 29-31 HGR 24 Airfest: Pending Confirmations

June 27-28 Hill AFB, UT:  Pending Confirmations

July 25-26 Ellsworth AFB, SD:  Pending Confirmations

Aug 15-16 Camarillo Airshow, Confirmed/All Available

Sept 18-20 Great Pacific Airshow: Pending Confirmations

Sept 26-27 MCAS Miramar:  Pending Confirmations

Oct 2-3 Prescott, AZ:  Confirmed/Spitfire

Oct 3-4 CCA Sacramento: Confirmed/TBD

Oct 3-4 PT Mugu Airshow:  Confirmed/TBD

Oct 3-4 Minden, NV:  Pending Confirmations

Oct 9-11 Edwards AFB:  Pending Confirmations

Oct 17-18 Santa Maria:  Pending Confirmations

Nov 7-8 SBD Fest:  Pending Confirmations