Updated as of September 30, 2019

The following is CAF SoCal Wing’s tentative 2019 Airshow Schedule.

Please note that the schedule and participating aircraft is subject to change.  All events are confirmed unless otherwise noted.

*The PBJ has been removed from the air show schedule until next year due to repairs

  • October 5-6 CCA Mather:  Confirmed/F8, F6, P51, SNJ
  • October 12-13 Santa Maria:  Confirmed/P-51, Zero
  • October 18-20 Wings Over Houston: Confirmed/F8, F6
  • October 25-27 CAF Wings Over Dallas: Confirmed/ F8, F6
  • November 2-3 SBD Airfest:  Confirmed/Zero, F6, PT-19, L-17, Fairchild F-24
  • November 8-9:  French Valley:  Confirmed/Zero, F6, F8, SNJ
  • November 15-17 Nellis AFB: Tentative/ P51